Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Just upgraded my Dell Vostro 1500 to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on Saturday (May 8, 2010) and so far I love it!

I made the upgrade because it is a LTS (long term support) release, but the main reason was, I was having issue with my wireless connecting to U-verse. I am happy to say, the upgrade has seem to resolve my wireless connectivity issues. I can go back to watching Bleach in my bedroom if my wife wants to watch something in the living room (I am on episode 263, 幽閉?!千本桜&蛇尾丸).

Other benefits of the upgrade include:

Faster boot time (it seems to be faster to me)
Better looking default desktop and style
Sound working out of the box (even Flash sound in Chrome)

Over all I am loving the upgrade. Nice work Ubuntu team!